10 Common Places to Find Your Lost Keys

By: Kuljit Grewal  |   March 28th, 2014   |   Living
House Keys

A question asked too often: where are my keys? We all know they are very important and yet we tend to forget where we put them. It is our nature that we are negligent towards small things and forget that they are of utmost importance. Losing your keys can have big consequences: you cannot enter your home, someone else could have access to your valuables, and you cannot get into your car if the car keys are lost etc. if you are a lady, just think what will happen if we lose our wardrobe keys. There are some common places that we end up finding the keys. They are usually the same for most of us and still we get panicked each time. So train your mind to realize the importance of this small object. Here are a few places where they are usually found.


The problem is that the table has multiple drawers. You open all the drawers in a panic and cannot find them. You are in a hurry so you are opening and closing multiple drawers. Just when you want to scream in frustration, you note them lying in the opened drawer in front of your eyes.


Ladies bags nowadays are fancy and have multiple pockets in them. The bag is usually full of stuff like lip gloss to face wipes etc. In the middle of all this, the keys tend to get lost. Sometimes we try to act cautious and place them in the innermost zip and end up forgetting where we had put them.

Public bus

If you are careless and left your keys while travelling on the bus, then probably its time to say goodbye to them. Usually we are occupied with thoughts and our hands are carrying so much, we put them on one side and forget to pick them up again.

Ill lit places

Some bars and dance clubs have very few lights these days. You go out on a Saturday night for some drinks and forget the keys on the sofa. The place has dim lights so you do not see them while leaving.

Friend’s house

We are very relaxed and casual at our friend’s place. Upon entering we put the keys on side, take off our shoes and make ourselves comfortable. By the time the party is over, the keys lay forgotten.

House corners

Sometimes we are just fiddling with the keys and they fall down. They get lost behind some book rack or the fridge or under the sofa.


The movie lovers go to watch their favourite movie and in the midst of all the excitement, who would remember the keys?


This is one of the most common places. You forget to take the key out and lock the door of the car from outside. We usually realize that they are missing when we have to use the car next.


Sometimes we hang the keys on the fridge to keep them away from small children and end up forgetting ourselves.


There is this one jean that you wear regularly. When you come home tired and change your pajamas, the keys keep inside the pocket.

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