The 10 most popular apps of the year

By: Kuljit Grewal  |   April 22nd, 2014   |   Mobile Apps, News

In current year Google managed to dominate the top 10 most used apps of the year. 52% of U.S. smartphones are Android, so no surprise that Google has number of apps on the list of apps with more users. Google has the power of numbers but there are other apps, which grew fast from scratch.

10. Starting at number 10 is Twitter with 30.76 million users

9.  Stocks -. 30,781,000 users

8. Apple Maps -. 31,891,000 users

7. Instagram -. 31,992,000 users

6. Gmail -. 64,408,000 users

5. Google Maps -. 68.58 million users

4. YouTube -. 71,962,000 users

3. Google Play -. 73,667,000 users

Google Search 2 -. 75,984,000 users

1 Facebook -. 103.42 million users Considering the amount of cellular options that Android users have it won’t be a  surprised if next year the numbers increase for apps like Google Play. Of course, if we consider that 41 % of Smartphones sold last year were iPhone, we have to wait and see if the launch of the 5C and 5S numbers rise as Apple Maps apps for  the next year. What apps do you use the most?

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