Apple Invites Media in China

By: Zain Nabi  |   September 6th, 2013   |   Apple, News

Apple Inc has invited Chinese media to its upcoming event in Beijing on September 11, said by the company spokesman. The company in this event is expected to mark history of giving near-simultaneous briefings in both the United States and the China. Apple was once considered as the biggest mobile phone company worldwide, but soon started losing its star power after the arrival of its rivals Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.


“Apple has hosted satellite events in London and Tokyo in the past,” Apple spokeswoman Carolyn Wu told Reuters about the upcoming Beijing event. “It will be a broadcast of what happened in California.”


According to some, the event is conducted to announce the long-awaited deal between Apple Inc and China Mobile Ltd, which is considered as the biggest mobile phone company in China and also it is the only Chinese carrier that till now does not make any agreement with the tech giants of the United States. According to the latest news, two executives of both the companies met in late July in China, bolstering expectations that they have made some agreement.


According to some analysts, Apple will unveil its two smartphones at the event on September 11. “I think the primary purpose of the event will be for a new product launch,” said Sandy Shen, a research director with consultancy Gartner in Shanghai. “Though an announcement with China Mobile is possible … I won’t hold my breath.”


Apple now holds the seventh place in the second-quarter of this year in the sales of Smartphone in China, according to the latest research of Canalys. The revenue of Apple for its fiscal-quarter ended June 29 fell 43% in China from the last period and plummeted 14% from the same quarter previous year.


It is expected that Apple would unveil a less-costly model of iPhone this year at an event on September 10 at its Cupertino, California, headquarters. According to analysts, Apple needs to introduce cost-effective mobile phones in order to gain its name back in the emerging markets of China, where most of the people cannot afford its high-priced models.

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