Apple iWatch In Next 12 Months Could Build $63bn

By: Zain Nabi  |   August 30th, 2013   |   Apple

Apple has selected two well-known suppliers in Taiwan to build its much-expected “iWatch” to be launched in 2014, according to the analysts and local reports of Taiwan. Quanta and Inventec are the two Taiwan-based suppliers in which the order will split in a ratio of 60:40 and they could be asked to build 38m by the next year, according the Apple daily website. However, analyst of CIMB Securities Wanli Wang thinks the company could build more than $63 million after the launch of iWatch in the first year.


No one knows that whether Apple is working on the new device or not, as they have not indicated it in clear terms, but the demand of iWatch is growing continuously since reports surfaced earlier this year that the team of Apple is working iWatch.


The device could directly connect to the phone of the user and the user can get updates and information on anything they want without taking their phone out. The idea of smart watch is not new, but if Apple brings such product out in the market it will completely change the nature of this market. The company is reportedly planning to unveil the iWatch in 2014, but will be playing catch-up against their rivals Samsung, which will unveil its new smart watch “Gear” at the IFA event in Berlin on 4th of September, 2013, and Google whose head-worn Glass product is expected to come from 2014.


Apple still needs to solve the issue of price and functionality of the watch. Angela McIntyre of the research group Gartner told the Guardian that she thought it might be priced between $149 and $199: “That’s within the price range of a nice holiday gift for a husband or wife. Apple products are typically priced somewhat more than competing devices, and people who pay a premium for the Apple brand expect better quality and design. If Apple ships more than 63m units the year after launch, iWatch would ramp faster than iPhone, iPad or iPod, which seems unlikely. If Apple gets the iWatch right, it could become the top selling smart watch.”

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