Apple’s iWatch to Launch in the Second Half of Next Year And Will Be Priced Between $149 to $229 – Report

By: Ali Raza  |   August 28th, 2013   |   Apple, Gadgets, iOS, News

According to the latest update, a CIMB Group analyst has claimed that Apple is not going to launch its much anticipated iWatch this year, as the company is facing some problems with the project and to resolve these issues it is recruiting engineers at a very fast pace. The analyst also said that iWatch is likely to release in the second half of 2014 and its price will fall somewhere between $149 to $229 and it will be purchased as a substitute device for Apple’s iPod rather than the smartphone. The analyst also expects that during next year Apple will ship 63.4 million units of its smartwatch. However, this latest claim suggests that Samsung has finally taken lead over Apple, as the South Korean company is going to reveal its first smartwatch Galaxy Gear on September 4 at IFA 2013 in Berlin.


Apple is ranked as one of the most valuable tech companies of the world, as since the production of its first PC the California-based tech giant has always stayed ahead of its rivals in the race to manufacture high quality and innovative products. This could be judged from the long list of products that the company has produced over the period of time, which had changed our lives forever. For instance take iPod, the unique music device when hit the stores for the first time it immediately became a super hit device and relinquished walkmans forever. Similarly introduction of the iPhone and iPad were other big contributions of the company, which had changed the face technology and today all top tech companies are producing tablets and touchscreen phones.


It is because of this very reason when rumours suggested that Apple is preparing a smartwatch, many thought that as usual the iOS device maker will once again take the lead over other companies by introducing its iWatch before anyone else. But unfortunately that never happened and Apple lost the ground to Samsung, which has come a long way in a very short time and now holds a huge share in the market. The South Korean OEM’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch is likely to work with smartphones as an accessory, as previously leaked images suggests that users can send and receive text messages through it. Plus they can also listen to their favourite music on it and it will be running some version of Android Jelly Bean.


More details regarding the Galaxy Gear will surface once Samsung will took the curtain off it during next week.


Source: PhoneArena

Photo: PhoneArena

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