Canada-Based Alterrus Systems Joins Hand With UK-Based Food Processing Company to Introduce Urban Farms in England

By: Jeff Stewart  |   February 20th, 2013   |   Business, Health, Living, News, O Canada

Canada-based Alterrus Systems announced on Monday, February 18 that it has partnered with a leading food processing company from the United Kingdom to launch Urban Farms in England. This is not the first time that the Vancouver-based company has joined forces with another company, as Alterrus has been carrying out growing trials by using its own technology together with Birds Eye Iglo Group. Alterrus is a leader in developing, manufacturing and integrating the vertical farm systems for international markets. The company has specialised in a technology that enables foods like spinach and basil to grow in urban environments all through the year in a substantial way. The company has already been successfully operating in Canada and now it is looking to spread its network to England as well.


The Head of European vegetable procurement at Birds Eye, James Young said that, “There’s no waste water, no need for any pesticides and because it’s in a controlled environment, the water and nutrients are optimized and circulated through the system. Because the crops are grown indoors, they are not affected by the weather and can be grown without pesticides.” He also added that, “The hypothesis is that we’d be able to have a continuous flow of material through the year, which would be a much better use of factory utilities.”


According to TechVibes, “Last November, Alterrus celebrated the opening of the first Local Garden rooftop vertical farm, and the harvesting of its first commercial crop of leafy greens, in North America. The vertical farm is in a greenhouse on top of a parkade in downtown Vancouver.”


At that time the CEO of Alterrus, Christopher Ng said that, “In this greenhouse, we’ve married our VertiCrop vertical-farming technology with an existing building—an underused downtown parking garage—to create a locally produced and distributed product. The greenhouse is a viable commercial operation producing fresh, healthy greens sustainably.”


This Local Garden from Alterrus Systems produces roughly 150,000 pounds of green leaf vegetables and herbs during the entire year, which are absolutely free of all sorts of pesticides, herbicides and chemicals. In addition, these leafy vegetables are grown without the need of hereditarily modified seeds. It is because of these fine qualities Alterrus’s vegetables have more demand as compared to the chemically grown and seeded vegetables in the country. These vegetable are distributed to various restaurants and grocers in Vancouver, which includes Cioppino’s, Hawksworth and Urban Fare.


Source: TechVibes

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