Canon Launches Camera With Dedicated Facebook Button

By: Zain Nabi  |   August 28th, 2013   |   Gadgets, News

There is now a narrow gap between a camera and a phone. Canon has recently revealed its new camera “Canon Powershot N.” On the Camera with the logo you can find a dedicated Facebook button. Users of the camera now will not have to wait for sharing the photos on Facebook after transferring them to their computers, tablets or smartphones. Instead, they just by clicking the button instantly can share their photos.


In phones one needs a Wi-Fi hotspot to connect to the Internet to share the photos on Facebook, as it does not come with 3G or 4G connection. The new camera Canon Powershot N not only allows the users to upload pictures on Facebook but they can also comment on these photos and videos.


Some features of new Canon Powershot N are DIGIC 5 processor, 12.1 MP camera, 8x zoom, wide-angle lens of 28mm, and 2.8- inch touch screen. It also contains creative shot model by which a user can after taking picture generate five artistic photos to upload on Facebook.


The dedicated Facebook button is not a new concept, before new Canon Powershot N, HTC also tried this approach in its HTC first smartphone, but unfortunately this approach was completely unsuccessful. The HTC first handset had a 5 MP camera, but the dedicated Facebook button was not a very attractive feature on the phone.


There is a wide difference between HTC first and Canon Powershot because the camera is used only to take and share pictures. The manufactures are working continuously on providing the best quality pictures and other important features that a camera contains to the users, so that they can easily take pictures.


Apart from the features mentioned above, you will also find a Face ID feature on the camera that recognizes familiar faces and can automatically focus on them. This is one of the most hit features, particularly when you are around your friends. This camera is going to hit the stores in September.

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