LG’s “Smart Activity Tracker” Monitors Calories, Movements and Serves as a Media Player too

By: Jeff Stewart  |   January 10th, 2013   |   Android, Gadgets, Health, iOS, Living, News, Smartphones

Where other electronics manufacturers were showcasing smart TVs, next generation cameras and newly crafted smartphones at the International Customers Electronics Show (CES) 2013, LG surprised the visitors of the show by displaying a fitness gadget that was quite like Nike’s Fit Band. This fitness device from LG is known as “Smart Activity Tracker” and unlike Nike Fit Band it offers much more to its users.

Smart Activity Tracker is basically used to keep a track of users’ movements, including dancing, jogging, and walking. In addition to this the fitness band from LG also keeps a track of users’ calories, distance they have covered and their speed.


Users can check out all these things through Smart Activity Tracker’s touch screen that itself monitors a person’s activities. The bracelet like device performs all these functions with the help of an application known as “Fitness Fan” which is compatible with both smartTV and smartphone plus it is also accustomed to iOS and Android operating systems.


Therefore, Smart Activity Tracker can sync with a mobile phone without any problem and then shows text messages and missed calls from it as well. Moreover, this fitness band also serves as a media player, as users can listen, view and change songs on this device. Besides this, the curved comfort band in its inner side makes Smart Activity Tracker comfortable to wear.


The charging of this device from LG lasts for three days and it can be charged with a USB. However, at this point in time, Smart Activity Tracker still stands among the prototype devices, so fitness freaks have to wait a little to see this gadget at a nearest store. The interesting thing about this fitness band is that users would be able to have it in different colours such as orange, black, blue and purple.


Source: MobileSyrup

Photo: Engadget

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