Lunches So Good Kids Can’t Ignore Them

By: Kuljit Grewal  |   April 29th, 2014   |   News

The middle ground between the lunch a parent wants to prepare for their child and the lunch the child wants to take to school can be chasm as big as the Pacific Ocean at times. Parents and children alike struggle to find a balance between healthful and nutritious food choices that are also tasty and fun to eat.


Are you tired of your kids not eating the lunch you send them? A father named Beau had the same problem as you, until he decided to prepare lunches that were so visually stimulating and delicious that they couldn’t be ignored. Beau decided to recreate foods inspired by Captain America, Tinker Bell and Despicable Me’s Minions that children can’t help but gobble up.


Beau’s creations gained such popularity that it inspired a website called Lunchbox Dad “where you will find the most creative recipes and ideas to put into practice than with your own children. Here we show you some lovely examples from page creative father. Beyond being incredibly creative, they are also beautiful and delicious. What are your thoughts?


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