More Details of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Leak Online

By: Ali Raza  |   August 31st, 2013   |   Android, Gadgets, Mobile Apps, News

Now that the Vice President of Samsung’s Mobile Business, Lee Young-hee. has revealed that his  company is going to take the curtain off the Galaxy Gear smartwatch on September 4 in Berlin at the IFA 2013 event, we finally have a exact launch date of the new device. In addition to this, previous reports have also given us an idea about some of the specs for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, but there are a few pieces missing from the puzzle. It seems that soon we will be able to find all the missing information thanks to AmongTech’s spurces which have claimed that Galaxy Gear will come with a battery that will keep it alive for 10 hours. In addition to this, AmongTech also reported that the smartwatch will boast a 4-megapixel camera that would be able to shoot videos at 720p.


Besides this, Galaxy Gear will also feature speakers which will be embedded on its strap. The watch will run some Android Jelly Bean version and it will feature 1GB RAM. The report also claimed that the smartwatch will have two versions, an 8GB model and a 16GB model. However, the price of the new gadget is still a mystery. But the significant thing about AmongTech’s report was that it has confirmed that Galaxy Gear will feature a dual-core 1.5GHz Exynos 4212 processor, a 2.5-inch OLED full colour display with 320 x 320 resolution, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, accelerometer and it will be a ‘smartphone companion’ rather than being a replacement of the handsets.


If this is not enough for you than here is some more information regarding the Galaxy Gear that has been leaked by serial leaker evLeaks. The site has posted a new leaked image which shows the companion app for the smartwatch called the “Gear Manager.” According to leaked image Gear Manager will enable the users of the smartwatch to manage various settings and apps for instance basic functions like clock settings, overall settings, Samsung Apps, Find my watch and My apps. The image has also revealed the model number of Galaxy Gear is SM-V700.


As far as availability and other missing specifications of Galaxy Gear smartwatch are concerned, they will be made known on September 4 when Samsung show its first smatwatch to the entire world and we at TQ will be ready to bring those details to you as soon as they go public.


Source: MobileSyrup

Photo: MobileSyrup

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