New Digitally Used Lock and Key

By: Zain Nabi  |   September 10th, 2013   |   News

For hundreds of thousands of years people have used lock and key for security purposes, but now many companies are working to develop new apps by which people can share the keys digitally and gain keyless access to their homes.


People can now get rid of storing spare keys with them as the new app KeyMe specially designed for iPhone modernize the way people access homes. Home owners with KeyMe can take a picture of their keys, which the app converts into directions that is used by the locksmith to replicate the key.


“When you get locked out, instead of waiting for a few hours and spending hundreds of dollars for a locksmith, you can go to your local mom and pop shop and pull up instructions for them to make a copy of your key,” said Greg Marsh, chief executive officer of KeyMe, based in New York.


One can share the digital keys by their friends and family. iPhones do not charge any amount for this app, but an owner has to pay $9.99 and up to $7 for instructions for replicating the key and if they need a copy of the key, respectively. Smartphone users can also use some apps that can unlock doors with a digital key.


Lockitron is the app specially designed for iPhone and Android users, and the apps Kevo and August for the iPhone users on. These apps allow home owners to remotely control who they want to enter or leave their homes.


“Just say you have a dog-walker, or maybe your parents are in town for the weekend. You can provide them with temporary access to your home through the app,” said Cameron Robertson, co-founder of Apigy, creators of the Lockitron, based in Mountain View, California.


But the digital keys are failing to convince all security experts. “I have reservations considering the results of my research showing that these types of devices tend to be vulnerable,” said Daniel Crowley, a researcher at Chicago-based security company Trustwave.


According to the creators of the app, security is a top priority. The product is designed so that the customers by keeping their eyes close can trust on it. One can get the app with its pair devices in price from $179 to $219.


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