Foursquare Upgrades Check-In Pages to Give Mobile Users A Better Experience

By: Jeff Stewart  |   January 12th, 2013   |   News, Social Media

Mobile users can now see recently added check-in pages on Foursquare after the startup updated its site. These new pages from Foursquare have got all the specifications for a mobile web users’ check-in, which includes photos, address, comments, likes and points. Now when a mobile web user shares a check-in on Twitter or Facebook, his or her followers and friends will get a lot more comprehensive update.


Mentioning further details of the new check-in pages the startup noted that “your Foursquare friends can easily like or comment on your check-in right from the web view. Or, they can open up the Foursquare app to learn more about the place or see what other friends are up to.”


The update from Foursquare was not extensive but considering the strong growth and presence of its mobile users, enhancing the experience for both existing and future users, the change may create a big impact on the startup’s bottom line.


Moreover, the addition of these novel check-in pages was in accordance with Foursquare’s resolution to unlock its exploration trait on the web. This will help the startup in becoming more of a discovery service rather than just being another social network.


Apart from bringing in the new check-in pages, Foursquare has also revisited their privacy policy, as result of this move the service will show full names of users across their platform.


Source: TNW

Photo: Mashable


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