Google Purchases a Number of Display Patents from Foxconn for Glass – Report

By: Ali Raza  |   August 28th, 2013   |   Business, Gadgets, Google, News

Foxconn, also known as Hon Hai Precision ,is a long time partner of Apple and it manufactures iPads and iPhones for the company. However, now the Taiwan-based company has decided to look beyond Apple and as a result of that it has recently developed association with various tech companies. But the latest report from the Wall Street Journal has claimed that Foxconn has made some deals with the Mountain View-based Google as well. According to the report, Google has actually bought a few display patents from Foxconn. Here is what WSJ has reported: “The Apple and iPad assembler didn’t specify a value for the deal or expound on details, except to say the patents sold to Google included head-mounted technology that allows a virtual image to be superimposed on a “real-world view” …”


Prior to this, Foxconn was getting roughly 60 to 70 percent of its work from Apple, but when the Cupertino-based company decided to gave the contract of manufacturing low-cost iPhone 5C to its rival Pegatron the Taiwanese company also decided to diversify its business portfolio. As a result of that decision Foxconn is now making smartphones and various electronics for other companies as well. In fact, Foxconn is also considering producing electronic products under its own brand.


As far as the deal of display patents between Foxconn and Google is concerned It is believed that the US-based company may have bought these display patents for its head mounted device, Glass, which is expected to be released for the use of general public sometime during next year. In fact, Google has recently taken the ‘Project’ name away from Glass and also introduced support for the HMD apps in its Play Store. In addition, the search engine giant has also bought some shares in Himax that is best known for making chips and has expertise in producing display driver chips for head mounted devices.


Details regarding the public edition of Google Glass are scarce at the moment, but it expected that head mounted device is not going to come cheap, as the Explore Edition of the device was priced at $1500. So this suggests that Glass will most probably fall in the pricey territory for many people. Since Glass is considered as a cool gadget rather than a must have device therefore analysts believe that Google should try to keep its price in an affordable range, when it will be made available for sale.


Otherwise it is feared that Glass may not be able to generate hefty sales for Google. One option to bring the price of the gadget down is the introduction of inexpensive displays, but at this point in time nothing like it is under consideration.


Source: 9to5Google

Photo: TheTimesofIndia

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