Japan To Launch Internet Fasting Camps to Break Web Addiction

By: Zain Nabi  |   August 29th, 2013   |   Health, Living, News

Japan conducted a survey of more than 98,000 youngsters in which it realized that more than 8.1% youngsters are addicted to the web, due to which they report trouble in sleeping and poor nutrition. These kids need to go on a digital diet, as Japan is launching an “Internet fasting camps” that deals with more than a half-million kids addicted to the Internet, according to the government.


“It’s becoming more and more of a problem,” Akifumi Sekine, a spokesman for the ministry, told The Daily Telegraph. “We estimate this affects around 518,000 children in middle and high schools across Japan, but that figure is rising and there could be far more cases because we don’t know about them all.”


In this Internet fasting camps the government has decided to conduct a research on some young people with no Internet access, smartphones or video games. The government plans to conduct this research after the study of Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry’s about 518,000 middle and high school students who are strongly addicted to the web, The Yomiuri Shimbun reported.


There are about 7,953 or 8.1 youngsters out of 98,000 who were highly addicted to the Internet that resulted in troubled sleeping and poor nutrition. About 9% and 15% of middle-schools and highschools, respectively, each day spend more than five or six hours on the Web, according to the Wall Street Journal.


“We want to get them out of the virtual world and to encourage them to have real communication with other children and adults,” Sekine said.


These are the voluntary camps that are used to study the Internet addiction of the kids. These camps don’t have access to the Internet and kids at these camps are encouraged to play outside for sports and other outdoor activities. Behind China, the United States and India, Japan is the fourth largest country worldwide in terms of Internet users, according to statistics from Nielsen and the International Telecommunications Union and compiled by the Web site Internet World Stats.


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