Microsoft Showcases IllumiRoom at CES

By: Umair Yousuf  |   January 12th, 2013   |   Games

Gamers can expect an even more immersive experience in the future. CES 2013 that ended yesterday in Las Vegas saw Microsoft give participants their first look at its concept project which promises to make the entire living room come to life.


Microsoft Research revealed IllumiRoom to excited gamers at CES 2013 that promises to truly bring gaming to life. IllumiRoom uses projectors to bring images from the television screen and overlays them to all walls of the room delivering a mesmerising gaming experience.


In a demo given at CES, IllumiRoom was used to project animated snowflakes on the walls when it started snowing in game, ripple effects and echoes of gun shots were also projected in a first person shooter, while stars lit up the room when travelling through space.


It still is a concept project but with a new Xbox expected to be launched in 2013 these new concepts may well make it to the market. The main problem for Microsoft will be the price of the equipment as the extra hardware required will certainly be expensive.


Using a Kinect for Windows Camera and a projector, the IllumiRoom truly delivers a brilliant experience. In addition to games the technology can also be used to enhance a movie, educational experiences, TV shows and more.


The prototype has certainly got gamers excited for the future of console gaming and we certainly cannot wait to get more info on this brilliant technology as well as find out more about its capabilities.


IllumiRoom looks the real deal, it certainly got CES excited with the possibilities.


Source: All Things D


Photo: Digital Spy

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