What Penelope Cruz does to look so good

By: Kuljit Grewal  |   April 6th, 2014   |   News
Penelope Cruz hair secrets

A few days ago, actress Penelope Cruz was nominated to get one of the prizes of The Imagen Foundation, a major U.S. organization that rewards those people and institutions that convey a positive image of Latino culture in the United States.

The image of Pe Cruz, popularly known as the Spanish actress, has much to do with the concept of Mediterranean beauty so beloved in the world how fashion has become.

Despite her recent motherhood, the ” ins and outs ” of her professional and personal life, including Los Angeles, New York and Madrid, and her intense film career, Penelope never loses the roles and is always carries herself well and looks beautiful.

What are the secret the keys to her beauty. She just had her baby, but that didn’t stop her from shining, when the most sought photography in recent Oscar Academy Film Awards Penelope Cruz wore a striking beat revealing red dress.

Weeks later, the indefatigable spectacular model wore a Oscar de la Renta in one of the most important fashion galas worldwide.

The Spanish actress is always perfect in any of her appearances on the red carpet. Fashion experts say that one Penelope Cruz secrets is that her various looks do not vary much, for night actress always uses the same tricks to look good.

For any time of the day, Penelope applies a makeup prebase before preparing her skin, clarifies her features and finishes with flare.


Eyes and lips fundamental from Pe Cruz

Penelope highlights her eyes above all. The trick, say the professional stylists, is to use black eyeliner to mark the line of the eye, mascara to lengthen lashes and some very soft shade, for example, in silvery tones.

As for her lips, always bet on the nude tones to not take anything for prominence in her eyes.


The hair secrets of Penelope Cruz

To further emphasize her makeup, she chooses her long hair wet. As for the hairstyle, Penelope prefers her hair loose and her hair naturally flowing.

If you want to get your hair like Cruz, you just have to straighten your hair and spend the plate to enhance the effect. If you have very fine hair, use a mask that provides volume. In the end, simple is the hardest thing to achieve.


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