New Samsung Ads Shows BBM for Galaxy Smartphones

By: Ali Raza  |   August 28th, 2013   |   Android, Business, iOS, Mobile Apps, News, O Canada, Smartphones

BlackBerry has made it known earlier that it will bring BBM to both Android and iOS platforms. However, in its effort to launch the BBM on new platforms the Canadian smartphone maker, which is currently struggling to boost its sales, decided to pick Samsung over Apple, as BlackBerry has already started promoting its messaging app with the South Korean company at the start of this month. The possible reason behind this move could be that Android has more stake in smartphone market as compared to iOS. And when it comes to Android, Samsung has the biggest market share than any other company. So this makes Samsung a natural choice for BlackBerry. Now the first wave of BBM ads have hit Africa and reports suggest that the popular messaging app of BlackBerry is soon going to land on Samsung Galaxy smartphones.


Initially the app is likely to be released in Africa and then in the rest of the regions. Simply for the reason that African continent is one of the last regions in the world where BlackBerry smartphones still have a high demand. According to the readers of CrackBerry the latest ads of BBM have been aired on various public events, including football matches. The video does not indicate any specific launch date of the messaging app and nor it contains any sound, but it definitely indicates that promotional efforts are on the rise.


This release of the BlackBerry messaging app for Samsung Galaxy smartphones also strengthens the credibility of recent reports, which suggested that the Canadian smartphone maker is looking to turn BBM into a separate company. Another reason which supports this theory is that besides being a messaging app BBM is now also used as a payments and money transfer service. BlackBerry has launched this payments service in Indonesia back in 2012.


Reports also claims that the Canadian company has also produced a desktop version of BBM, but the executives of BlackBerry did not approve to launch it. This shows that BBM has great potential and BlackBerry can generate good sales through it by further developing it. So it is possible that BlackBerry will eventually turn BBM into a separate company and reduce its struggles, as the latest hardware and software of the company failed to meet the expectations.


Due to this reason BlackBerry has made it official that it is considering all options, including its sale and issuing of an IPO.


Source: TNW

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