Samsung Unveils Galaxy Gear Smart Watch

By: Zain Nabi  |   September 6th, 2013   |   Gadgets, News

After months of speculation, Samsung has finally launched its new Galaxy Gear smart watch in a move that will likely kick off a battle between the top most tech companies for dominance in the long-awaited product category. The new Samsung Galaxy Gear is not the first smart watch to hit the tech market; but the announcement by the Samsung Company has proven this in an area where a number of electronics companies will invest in order to attract customer’s attention and money in future.


Foad Fadaghi, research director at Telsyte, told media the launch of the new smart watch is the first step forward in the electronics market, but no one can give a guarantee than whether it will be start-off success of not. “There are going to be a slew of smart watch and wearable computing devices,” he says. “This is a version 1.0 product from a vendor, and often consumers are wary of first generation products. “We’re going to see more refinements of the product over time, and this is really a view of how products may look in the future.”


The new Galaxy Gear was announced at the IFA consumer electronics show held in Berlin, where the chief executive of Samsung’s mobile division, JK Shin, said the watch is “slimmer, lighter and more powerful and all in a beautiful design.”


The size of the watch is slightly larger than a normal watch, with a number of colored bands and a rectangular touch screen. Following are some features within the watch itself; it includes a 1.6 MP camera with video recording, a pedometer, a lot of apps and Wi-Fi capability.  The watch has the ability to connect with Samsung smartphones and you can without taking the device out can check call notifications, texts and emails and also can make calls.


Other important features include Bluetooth 4.0 and a battery of 315mAh, which according to Samsung will last about a day. However, the smart watch itself doesn’t have any worth until or unless it is not connected to any phone to use these features, and at this point Samsung promises that two of its phones will be compatible.


“I can proudly say Galaxy Gear is a design statement, an engineering marvel and something that really redefines tomorrow,” Shin said at the event.


The device will be available from September 25 in markets at $US299.

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