Dutch Supply Suits use Robin Thicke and hot women to increse sales

By: Kuljit Grewal  |   April 23rd, 2014   |   Business
Dutch Supply Suits

A new menswear brand, joins the long list of ads displaying women as sex objects. This is the case of Supply Suits, brand suits Dutch, in his last campaign shows a group of topless women and accompanying singer Robin Thicke.


This is not the first time that clothing brands used women to influence the user to purchase their products. For Suits Supply, the message is that if the man used one of their suits, they will have more women wanting to have sex with them. They use a  picture of the model and on the side 2 women sensually pose right in front of him. Or how about the image that shows the singer in front of a woman whose breast is slightly exposed. But, sadly, as it informs Policymic is not the only commercial showing women as sex objects.  How does it make you feel to see that women are treated as mere sex objects?

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