Windows 8 is Coming to a Machine Near You on October 26

By: Kuljit Grewal  |   July 22nd, 2012   |   Business, News

TQ recently wrote about Microsoft’s Surface tablet, which by all accounts is set to add an extremely important player to the growing tablet market. Innovations such as the screen protector that moonlights as a keyboard as well as the second generation Intel i5 processor will make the device a true tablet PC.


Where Microsoft must truly differentiate themselves from Apple and Google’s Android however is in terms of software. Let’s face it, it is not exactly news that the company has been seen as a development laggard as computing has evolved around them the past 5 years. The hotly anticipated Windows 8 platform looks to make the PC cool once again, and based on what we know about it, it may just do that.


First and foremost, Windows 8 will feature functionality that allows you to put the entire OS on a USB key. This feature, known as Windows To Go allows you to use the OS on any other PC absolutely seamlessly. All of your applications, settings and work can travel with you, even if the machine you are set to use features an older version of Windows.


Anyone looking to upgrade to Windows 8 will be able to do so via a download on Microsoft’s website. Three versions of the software will be made available, two for Intel-based PCs (Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro) as well as one for ARM-based tablets (the aforementioned Microsoft Surface) called Windows 8 RT.


The new OS is touch screen friendly, and offers a plethora of integrative features related to the cloud as well as creating an ecosystem type of experience for all of your Microsoft devices. According to Microsoft, they will be releasing the final build of the system onto their manufacturers such as HP and Lenovo to allow them to customize their hardware. We are extremely excited to get Windows 8 when it comes available in 3 months.


Windows 8 will also feature a new version of Office which is head and shoulders above anything they have done before. Keep an eye out for TQ’s in depth look at Office 15.

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