New York-Based Arkadium Appoints Canadian Gaming Industry Expert David Elton as GM of Toronto Studio

By: Jeff Stewart  |   April 27th, 2013   |   Business, News, O Canada

New York-based Arkadium provides casual games and other parlor titles has appointed Canadian gaming industry veteran David Elton as their general manager for the game development studio in Toronto this week. Akradium was founded back in 2001 should be pleased with their selection, as Elton has 18 years of experience of working in the gaming industry. He started off as a project manager when he got hired at Acclaim Entertainment back in 1995. Then, in early 2000s Elton has worked as the creative director of EA in Canada and afterwards he had joined Microsoft Game Studios, where he took the role of business development and helped the company is evaluating the portfolio for the studio.


Later in 2005, Elton once again decided to carry on the creative direction when he rejoined EA Black Box that had developed Need for Speed. Besides this Leton has also supervised the design direction team at Silicon-Knights, a Canada-based studio that was behind X-Men: Destiny and Too Human.


Expressing his views on this delightful occasion CEO of Arkadium, Kenny Rosenblatt said that, “We were looking for a visionary to lead a passionate team of people while also inspiring creativity and encouraging innovation. David has amazing experience that spans across this entire industry, and he brings a wealth of knowledge of game development process from various platform and organizations.”


Whereas Elton stated that, “Arkadium has been in the games business for 12 years and the company has created a culture of innovation that inspired me. The Toronto area has become an impressive hub for video game development over the last several years and I am excited to help position Arkadium as one of leading studios in this area.”


Arkadium, on the other hand basically develops games for Facebook, Windows, mobile devices and the web and in the last 12 years it has become one of the leading providers of casual games and parlor titles for the a very strong fan base. However, to compete against big rivals the studio organised a funding round in the mid of March in which it managed to secure $5 million from Edison Ventures.


With the secured amount the studio Arkadium expanded its operations and perhaps, it was because of this $5 million fund Arkaduim has been able to hire a veteran gaming expert like Elton. Let’s hope Elton will meet the expectations of owners of Arkadium and help them produce memorable gaming titles.


Source: TechVibes, VentureBeat, PolyGon

Photo: TechVibes

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