Amiigo Fitness App Uses Sensors To Provide Detailed Data In Real Time

By: Kevin Green  |   October 20th, 2012   |   Android, Gadgets, Health, iOS, Living, Mobile Apps, News, Sports

There are a plethora of fitness related iPhone and Android apps available on Apple’s and Google’s app store. Most of these do a pretty good job of counting the number of calories burned or distance run however any statistics beyond that are usually inaccurate or not offered at all. Therefore, said apps act as digital counters and log books. The Amiigo is trying to change that and its recently launched app and accompanying bracelet have a ton to offer. A user can put on the water proof bracelet and proceed to go running, swimming or biking and the app figures out what type of exercise you are doing based on motion and how your body is responding under stress. The bracelet and a shoe equipment that is also included use a number of sensors to gather data and provide the user feedback in real time.


The start-up uses a gesture-based software algorithm for Amiigo to figure exactly what exercise the wearer is doing. The app also features learning ability that makes it better over time as it gets accustomed to the way the user moves. The bracelet and shoe sensor should be used in tandem to allow the system to tell the difference between a user doing push-ups or jogging, however the combination is not a requirement (i.e. swimming).


All together the Amiigo system has a number of sensors to also monitor other functions of the body. The bracelet can monitor heart rate in real time and the motion sensors and accelerometers record movement. There is an infrared sensor that measures blood oxygen levels while a stainless steel plate is used to measure temperature.


Amiigo is available for the iOS and Android platforms and the app itself is where all the magic happens. The data coming in from the sensors is stored on the smartphone. The app allows users to create fitness goals, share results with friends and even get discounts on fitness equipment and apparel.


Amiigo’s creators are looking to raise $90,000 through crowd funding platform Indiegogo with the project starting on October 29. The company is offering first comers the chance to grab the bracelet for $89 which will be ready for shipment on April 2013.


Source: TechCrunch

Photo: Amiigo

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