AutoTrader App Reaches 1 Million Downloads

By: Talha Bhatti  |   August 16th, 2013   |   Business, Cars, Mobile Apps, News, O Canada is the new hot app in town and the mobile application is making strong headway in the app markets as its sales went through the roof. The iOS version of the app has reached a milestone when it recently reached 1 million in user downloads.


Companies today believe it is imperative for them to interact with users who have smart phones. Organizations have spent a lot of energy and resources to compel consumers to download and buy their online apps and products so as to boost their overall company ratings and standing. This has become anither way to interact with the customer and spread the marketing and sales message.


AutoTrader has been in the market for quite a while now and it has come a long way from where it initially started. A dedicated group of managers and staff take pride in the swiftness and efficiency of transactions at the company. The competition is tough but AutoTrader has proved to be the one of the best with its state of the art online transaction system that guarantees safe and swift deals.


According to TechVibes, “Canada’s largest online automotive marketplace has now also become the country’s most popular mobile app for buying and selling new and used vehicles. Combined with its BlackBerry and Android apps, AutoTrader’s mobile apps have seen a total of 1.4 million downloads.”


Ian MacDonald, Director of Marketing for AutoTrader, says that, “App downloads for smartphones and tablets are very much a bellwether for our success. We are pleased to know that the service we provide is popular with so many looking for help buying and selling their vehicles online.”


TechVibes also adds that, “MacDonald says that 34% of his site’s visitors now access car listings via the app or the mobile site. This, he says, is well above the industry average of roughly 20%.”


MacDonald commented that the industry AutoTrader operates in requires it to be proficient in mobile. HE claims that, “Car buying is one transaction that, even in this digital world, still has to be done in person most of the time. Mobile allows our brand to be with the consumer throughout their entire buying cycle, be it at home browsing reviews, or on the dealer’s lot comparing prices.”

Source: TechVibes

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