BBC Rolls Out Sports App for Kindle Fire Devices and Updates its Android and iOS App

By: Jeff Stewart  |   August 4th, 2013   |   Android, iOS, Mobile Apps, News, Sports

After releasing its sports app for Android and iOS platforms, the popular media outlet BBC has now rolled out its sports app for Amazon’s Kindle Fire devices. BBC revealed this news through a post on its blog which made it known that the Fire-optimised app will be first available to residents of the UK, who will be able to get it from the UK Amazon Appstore. However, soon other apps will make their international debuts in the coming days. Apart from this revelation, BBC made another announcement on this occasion and also narrated its future plans, which can you can find below in the official post from the media outlet:


“Today we’re making two announcements:


i) BBC Sport has released a free app for Kindle Fire devices. This app optimises the BBC Sport experience on Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HDs.


ii) Updates have been made to improve the BBC Sport iPhone and Android smartphone apps. These updates are also available to Kindle Fire users, and provide access to even more sports news and offer increased customisation.


Kindle Fire app


The Kindle app has been launched in the UK Amazon Appstore, allowing users to follow the latest sports news, scores, video and gossip.


The Kindle Fire release is part of our efforts to bring BBC Sport to users regardless of what device they are on. We now offer apps in the Amazon Appstore, Apple App Store and Google Play and of course have mobile and desktop browser sites. Because Kindle Fire devices use a version of the Android operating system, we were able to optimise our existing Android app to bring the native mobile functionality app to new users in a highly efficient way.


The Kindle Fire app will be released into the international Amazon Appstores in the coming weeks.


iPhone and Android app updates


We are also offering updates to the iPhone and Android smartphone apps, which will be automatically included in the Kindle Fire app at launch. These updates include access to numerous newly refreshed sports indexes – including athletics, boxing, cycling and snooker. We’ve done this using dynamic configuration (dyno config), which enables the editorial team to update and promote content (e.g. The Ashes) or add new indexes without users having to update their app.


In addition, we now offer iPhone and Android smartphone users the ability to add football teams, sports and nations to the ‘Quick Links’ section, which we know from user feedback is an often requested feature.


The app update also provided the perfect opportunity to make some general improvements, including design tweaks, fixing bugs and improving the speed of loading the apps.


Next steps


With these releases the iPhone, Android smartphone and Kindle apps have feature parity, meaning they all have the latest sports content and customisation features


We are always interested to hear your feedback, which we collect from app reviews, emails, Twitter and elsewhere, and we’re already exploring some of the more popular suggestions, including Android widgets and enabling Radio 5 Live and Radio 5 Live Sports Extra playback.”


Source: TNW, BBCBlogs

Photo: BBCBlogs

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