Music Companies’ Executives Praises Apple’s Eddy Cue for Negotiating iTunes Radio Deals Gracefully

By: Ali Raza  |   June 13th, 2013   |   Apple, Business, Cars, Mobile Apps, News

The senior vice president of Apple’s software and services, Eddy Cue, holds a vital position in the Cupertino-based company and the 24 year old veteran is also known for his significant roles in behind the scene negotiations. The Financial Times has recently reported that Eddy played a big role in finalizing a deal for the latest iTunes Radio service from Apple. It is because of Eddy’s passion for cars and music that Apple has been able to develop some critical relations in the industry, both in the past and present. It was Cue whose genius led to the creation and launch of Apple’s iTunes Music Stores back in 2003. After that he helped the company create the App Store, iTune Store, the iBookstore, Siri, iCloud and Maps App, which are today heavily contributing to the revenue of the California-based tech giant.


Eddy is the person who has revealed the brand new iTunes Radio service of Apple at WWDC 2013, which the company has created with iOS 7. Talking to The Financial Times, CEO of Sony ATV, Marty Bandier said that Eddy is “someone who’s sensitive to music and musicians. Mr Cue did not “roll over” in negotiations over the iTunes Radio, he says, but “he did it with grace”.


Universal Music’s head of digital, Rob Wells said that, “What makes Eddy and his team so special is that they not only understand the powerful intersection of technology and content, but they’re able to make content like music central to the full Apple ecosystem.”


The ex-chief executive of Warner Music, Roger Ames said that, “He’s the focal point through which all discussions relating to music in Apple pass.”


It is because of all these fine qualities that have helped Eddy has become an essential part of Apple and its number one dealmaker that has driven the iTunes service to success. It was Eddy, who negotiated the Beatles launch on iTunes. Although, the Map App did not do well under his watch, it was his brilliance that enabled Apple’s App Store to exceed 50 billion downloads mark.


Apart from music, Eddy also has a great love for fast cars and it is because of this very reason he agreeded to join the board of directors of Ferrari and instantly he made his presence felt in the company by marking the launch of the new La Ferrari that includes several iPads.


Source: iPhoneinCanada


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