Make Your Golf Swing Perfect with the SwingTIP App for just $129.99

By: Ali Raza  |   October 20th, 2012   |   Android, Apple, Gadgets, iOS, News, Smartphones, Sports

Golf is an expensive game and difficult game, as many of you can attest to. This fact can also be judged from the statement of founder and CEO of Mobiplex, Vijay Nadkarni, who said that, “If you’re a golfer and want to get your swing analyzed, what you would typically do is go to a studio and have your swing videotaped from different cameras at a few different angles. The entire process can sometimes cost around $1,000.”


That is a huge price to pay for many who strive to achieve their swing perfect. Bearing this same apprehension in mind, Silicon Valley based Mobiplex has introduced a cheap and innovative solution for this problem in the form of a device called SwingTIP. The basic function of this device is that it can analyze a golfer’s swing and then provide its user feedback on it in real time.


SwingTIP manages to do so because it is a Bluetooth-enabled clip that is very light in weight and can easily get attach to a club. Speaking about this new device, Nadkarni told that, “The clip is about as big as a USB stick and weighs under one ounce. It fits right underneath the grip of the club. You can’t even notice it’s there.”


Nadkarni told Mashable about the function of SwingTIP by saying that “Inside the clip, is a wireless 3-D motion sensor that’s paired with an app — available for free download on both iOS and Android appliances. When you swing, the device analyzes 900 samples of data — including speed, swing tempo and the overall path of the clubhead — and produces a 3-D animation video for you to watch and critique afterwards.”


In addition to this, SwingTIP comes with swing tips and instructional videos in order to make things easier for the golfers constantly striving to get better.


Its validity can be judged from the fact that Mobiplex has joined forces with a number of veteran golfers in order to produce a perfect “mobile swing coach.” The list of veteran golfers, who had worked with Mobiplex on this project includes big names like golf swing specialist David Butler, Craig Stadler and Masters winner and ex-PGA player Ray Leach.


Golf enthusiasts can make their golf swing perfect with the help of this innovative and effective mobile coach for just $129.99 (cost of a SwingTIP) instead of the standard $1,000 it could cost you with an actual coach. Moreover, “It can be used in your backyard, on the course, or even in your basement,” says Nadkarni. “People can get feedback about their swings wherever and whenever they want.”


Source: Mashable

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