Nike+ FuelBand Now Available At Apple Online And Retail Stores

By: Kevin Green  |   November 1st, 2012   |   Apple, Health, iOS, Mobile Apps, News, O Canada, Smartphones, Sports

The California based technology giant, Apple, included the Nike+ FuelBand on its online store. The device will come in two new colors and will be on sale for residents of the U.S., U.K. and Canada. FuelBand will also be sold in Apple Stores and physical retail location in the three countries. The Nike product is being introduced to Canada for the first time domestically and customers will not have to use unofficial methods to obtain the fitness tracking band.


The Nike+ FuelBand has been developed to keep record of the user’s activity throughout the day. At the end a score is given to the day’s work and is called NikeFuel. The band can connect to an iPhone app which allows users to store data and keep track of their progress. The device also has more traditional functions like time and calories burned. Currently, the Nike+ FuelBand works with iOS based products including iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 3rd generation or later iPod Touch.


Nike is using its fitness tracker as a way to take advantage of the recent trend of devices that track fitness activity using a wrist band and mobile app. The FuelBand is retailing for $150 but has been criticized for being inaccurate and not a good tool for serious athlete. It seems that many see it as a motivator for casual users who want to get fit.


The Nike+ FuelBand and Apple relationship seems strong and CEO Tim Cook was seen wearing the device at the iPad mini event. It seems Apple is playing it smart and adding accessories to its store that help show case how its devices can be used in many other aspects of life.

Source: TechCrunch

Photo: Nike

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