One-Stop Car Resource ‘’ Launched by Bell Media

By: Talha Bhatti  |   July 28th, 2013   |   Business, Cars, News, O Canada

A whole new website,, has been launched by Bell Media in order to offer various facilities for the whole spectrum of consumers and businesses when it comes to talking about the automotive industry and cars as a whole. The site offers research, review tools and consumer resources to those visiting the website. Users will be able to view the content in either English or French. First time car buyers and car fanatics will equally have a good time browsing the website by sharing their car shopping experiences specifically in the Canadian market.  For Bell Media, the website will be a complete visit point for those who are looking for an easy-to-use and informative resource to find assistance from experts in the field of automobiles.


Along with the basics, users can get advice and check out the latest reviews. Car buying tips and tricks will also be easy to find while the recent most updates on the happenings in the world of cars, like auto shows and consumer reports will be easily available as well. Getting advice for buying a car is one thing, but being shown the direction on how to actually do it is another aspect not many websites cater to. This is where gets really innovative. From selecting a vehicle to actually purchasing it, Bell Media’s new project will help you from start to finish through their leasing and financing guides.


“Not every car buyer makes a purchase with the same level of knowledge or experience. With this in mind, Bell Media set out to build an automotive resource that offers a tailored car shopping experience with a best-in-class user interface,” said Catherine MacLeod, Senior Vice-President, Specialty Channels, Bell Media, according to “Informative and engaging, Autofocus is reinventing how people manage their car shopping experience. Autofocus is a valuable and convenient resource for Canadians making a new purchase, thinking about changing models, or just simply interested in cars.”


Now consumers will not have to regret their decision and can save themselves from all the frustration by consulting those who have gone through the experience before them. A team of auto experts and writers from the Automobile Journalist Association of Canada are also expected to be present to help out those in need so that their next journey on the road will not only be a safer one, but an entirely new experience as well.

Source: TechVibes

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