Do Not Overlook Smartphone Users in Your Marketing Strategy

By: Zain Nabi  |   September 10th, 2013   |   Smartphones

Smartphones are everywhere. They have almost replaced the traditional ways of accessing the internet, and this is why it is essential for any company designing its marketing strategy not to ignore this important tool. Here are some important points to ascertain the importance of smartphones in marketing strategies and some tips that you can follow to make the best use of your marketing strategies.


Connect With On-the-Go Customers


With the advancement of technology browsing the web is no longer a difficult task. It is now no longer limited to the desktop. However, today also only 25% of the businesses in the United States have business web sites. Tablets and smart phones help people to quickly access to their favorite place before buying. Whether you are searching for food, hotels, and restaurants, recreating, or shopping places these tablets and smartphones are a great help while on the road. Businesses without a proper website go unnoticed and lose potential customers.


This on-the-go-traffic is one of the major keys to increase sales of your business. When designing a website it is always better to consider both mobile and desktop appearance, with the priority given to the interface suitable for smartphones. Quick load time is also essential for keeping smartphone users on your site.


Cash in with Click-to-Call


Companies by adding click-to-call links on their websites and also on their corresponding apps banners, and Google ads, provide an easy and more direct two-way conversation. Phone leads is one of the best and the greatest ways to earn revenue for businesses. Customers can easily and immediate contact with the company for mobile social media networks and web prevents disinterest for the customers. For example, if someone wants to find a best summer camp for their child and want to sign up with them, instead of visiting a new web page or filling out a form given on the web for getting a return call, a click-to-link is the best way to ensure customer satisfaction and earn more secure business revenue.


Engage Social (Media) Butterflies:


Social media networks are one of the most successful marketing strategies these days for many businesses. Businesses should not shy of using social media networks that are used most frequently by the mobile users, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Social media networks also allow two-way communications between a business and customer. Social media networks not only give customers a voice but also give companies a chance to improve.


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