Samsung to Introduce New Design and Aluminium Material for 2014 Phones Starting With Galaxy S5 – Report

By: Ali Raza  |   August 30th, 2013   |   Android, Business, News, Smartphones

The popular Android smartphones from Samsung has many factors that make it a best seller but negative include te fact that the devices all have more or less similar designs including the round edges, placement of buttons or the famous polycarbonate body. In fact, due to the use of plastic Samsung has received tremendous criticism. Moreover, rival companies like Apple, LG and HTC made a mockery of the company’s flagship smartphone Galaxy S IV because of the polycarbonate body. However, now it seems that the South Korean company has finally decided to get rid of plastic bodies, as a local publication ET News has reported that Samsung is looking to introduce a new design for its devices.


According to the latest reports, Samsung may use aluminium, magnesium and metal rather than the traditional plastic material in its smartphones that will be manufactured in 2014. And the most likely candidate to receive this new design and material is none other than Galaxy S5 which the Korean OEM may launch in March or April. It is also anticipated that initially Samsung will introduce the new design in its high-end smartphones and afterwards it will trickle down to the affordable range of the company.


The buzz also suggests that Samsung is working on new materials and designs at its facility in Gumi, South Korea, while some of the work may also be taking place in a Vietnamese factory, as a group of the company’s engineers has left for the country from Korea. However, since all this is based on rumours it will be too early to draw any conclusions out of this. Therefore, it will be best to wait for some more leaks or an official confirmation from the Korean company.


At the same time, it is important to mention here that one cannot rule out these rumours right away because they do make sense because after Apple, HTC and LG has also adapted aluminium bodies for their flagship smartphones, which not only makes their devices more sleek and good-looking, but durable as well. In fact at the launch of Samsung Galaxy S IV one of the company’s rival even stated that good things are not made out of plastic.


Therefore, it is highly likely that Samsung may also use aluminium bodies for its future devices, as with each passing day competition in the smartphone market is increasing because the consumers have more options to choose from.


Source: PhoneArena

Photo: PhoneArena

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