3 Ways of Creating Great Customer Experience with Social Media

By: Zain Nabi  |   September 10th, 2013   |   Social Media

If you are using social media networks for marketing your business then creating a right customer experience is essential, for both existing customers and potential customers. About 77% B2C and 43% B2B companies in 2012 used social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter to target new customers. Following are some ways of creating a great customer experience on social media networks.


Know your audience


Businesses in order to create a great customer experience on social media networks must have to know all about their audience. It is essential that the content you post must be original and authentic and will interest and attract the right people who can be converted into customers. Also, don’t forget your existing customers as they mean a lot for you. Encourage them to follow you on social media sites. It is better to maintain an email database. This can help you send them updates about your social media presence and promotions.


Facebook and Twitter are the best social media networks a lot of companies use as a customer service tool. By using these networks the companies can immediately respond to customer queries and complaints with tweets and direct messages.


Perfect your pages


Make sure the content you post must be of good quality and easy to read. Don’t leave your page unattended; post frequently enough so that your customer knows that you really care.  Add profile pictures and description about your business that is eye-catching and interesting. Also, make sure the description must be grammatically correct and free of spelling mistakes. The content on your pages needs to be both professional and attention grabbing.


Be active and polite on your pages and respond to all the comments quickly and consistently so as to gain customers’ appreciation it. If someone says something negative about your business, avoid using harsh words as this can damage your reputation and handle the situation tactfully.


Reward your fans


Always reward your customers with exclusive content. Send the information about the new product first to your fans and followers before sending it to anywhere else or you can also invite them to your store to try the new products for themselves and for their friends and family. You can even think to give them discount vouchers or offer them special deals.


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