Samsung and LG Looking to Introduce Kill Switch Functionality in Their Devices – Report

By: Ali Raza  |   August 29th, 2013   |   Android, Apple, iOS, News, Smartphones, Tablets

According to the latest report of the Wall Street Journal, South Korea-based Samsung and LG are considering to introduce a new tool in their devices that would make their stolen tablets and smartphones dead or inoperable. Explaining the reason behind introducing this kill switch or tool, the WSJ reported that theft of smartphones is swiftly increasing around the world. In fact in South Korea alone thefts of smartphones have reportedly touched 31,075 mark in 2012 from 5,575 in 2009. Apart from South Korea, smartphone thefts have also increased in the U.S. In fact it has become a very serious issue in the country, as NYPD and NYC has recently created a separate force to prevent it.


Therefore, introduction of a new tool or kill switch in the devices of Samsung and LG makes lot of sense, as it will leave the stolen device completely dead and thieves would not be able to use it or sell. Currently, thieves reset a device and starts using the tablet or smartphone, so a kill switch is the need of the hour. However, there are some smart users who have installed apps like Find My iPhone on their smartphones, so in case if their device gets stolen they use this application to remotely lock or find their handset before the criminal resets it.


The report suggests that most probably Samsung and LG will introduce this “kill switch” function for their tablets and smartphones at the start of next year. Moreover, in order to make the anti-theft functionality work, owners of smartphones and tablets first need to register their devices.


Although, tech companies are seriously considering adding the kill switch function to their devices, but it was a group of law enforcement officials and prosecutors in the U.S. who had initially raised this issue back in June, as they advocated that electronics manufacturers should include a kill switch in their devices.


Apple has already introduced such functionality in its latest OS and recently Google has also added this switch in its newly launched Moto X smartphone. Now it is expected that soon other electronics manufacturers will introduce this switch and make our lives more easy. More importantly, it will discourage the criminals and make the society a better place to live, where people could carry their expensive smartphones and tablets without any fear.


So let’s hope that soon this kill switch will be made available in all devices.


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