Apple Acquires Sweden-Based Data Compression Company Algo Trim for an Undisclosed Amount

By: Ali Raza  |   August 29th, 2013   |   Apple, Business, iOS, Mobile Apps, News

According to the latest update, Apple has acquired a Swedish company, Algo Trim for an undisclosed amount of money, as the Cupertino-based company confirmed to TechCrunch by saying that “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.” The small time company has expertise in both video and image, especially JPEG.


“AlgoTrim™ develops advanced solutions for mobile devices within the fields of data compression, mobile imaging and video, and computer graphics.


These solutions are designed to excel in terms of high performance and small memory requirements, making them ideal for mobile devices. Many solutions offered by AlgoTrim are codecs that are the fastest on the market, for example, the lossless codec for general data compression and the imaging codecs.”


It is anticipated that Apple could utilise these codecs in its snapper, manipulation and image viewing applications on iOS. Besides this another possible reason for Apple to buy Algo Trim could be that the cost of purchasing the license of its technology would be much higher than the cost of acquisition therefore iOS device maker might have decided to add to its portfolio.


The financials of Algorithm Trim are  not bad either, as during last year the company posted a revenue of $3 million, while it net income before taxes was EUR -1.1 million. But the company was more dedicated towards Android developments prior to the acquisition.


Nevertheless, this was not the first Swedish company that Apple has acquired, as prior to Algo Trim, late Steve Jobs’ company got hold of Ploar Rose, a face recognition firm, back in 2010 and after that a 3D mapping company called C3. More recently before getting hold of Algo Trim, Apple acquired Embark and


Earlier, Apple was making most of its acquisition to support its troubled mapping service, as the Maps App of the California-based tech giant proved a failure against Google Maps app, which was thrown out of the App Store when the iOS device maker was about to launch its own mapping app last year. But unfortunately it is did not work for Apple, as the company has perhaps launched its Maps Apps in a hurry.


As a result of that Apple had to face lot of criticism and embarrassment because the company is known for producing high quality products, but Maps App brought lot of shame to it. Nevertheless, acquisition of Algo Trim shows that Apple is not solely focusing on its mapping service.


Source: 9to5Mac

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