Survey Reveals Adult Drivers Text More Than Teens While Driving

By: Jeff Stewart  |   April 1st, 2013   |   Cars, Gadgets, Google, Health, Living, News, Smartphones

The general perception in the US is that teens are the main culprits when it comes to sending text messages while driving, because being new drivers they are not only reckless but also are more experienced in texting as compared to adults. Therefore, it is assumed that teen drivers cause such accidents related to text messages. However, in reality the truth is different as a new study concluded with the support of AT&T has revealed that adults send more text messages while driving rather than teens. The finding was derived from a 1,011 consumers’ pool in which roughly half of the adults admitted that they text while driving, whereas in contrast to them a smaller number or 43% of teen drivers confessed that they send messages when driving.


The worst part about this finding was that perhaps 98 percent of the adults, who send text messages while driving do so regardless of the fact that they know it is wrong. AT&T has concluded this survey as a part of its campaign ‘It Can Wait.’ The campaign basically shows the tragic stories of teens and young adults who have either lost someone close to them or become disabled because of texting while driving.  “It Can Wait” campaign was launched by AT&T after considering the increasing number of car accidents due to texting. National Safety Council has reported that the ratio of adult drivers (180 million) involved in such accidents is far more than the teen drivers (approximately 10 million), who had caused accidents while texting.


According to Centre for Disease Control daily average of people, who get killed in accidents related to texting is nine, whereas 1,060 gets injured in text related crashes. The major reason behind these text related accidents is that texting occupies the hands, eyes and mind of the driver, which causes distraction and as a result of that the danger of accident rises to 23 times that is way too unsafe than driving attentively.


At this point in time texting while driving issues can be addressed, as it is in manageable limit, but considering the ever growing evolution in the world of technology it appears that in the future there will be more distractions for drivers. For instance upcoming product Google Glass can be one of these distractions and recently a US lawmaker purposed a bill to ban Google Glass like products for drivers. So let’s see how things will shape up in the future.


Source: TechCrunch

Photo: IdahoFallsChief

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