General Motors and Honda Join Hands to Make Environment-Friendly Vehicles

By: Zain Nabi  |   July 3rd, 2013   |   Cars, News

With the world trying desperately to introduce environment-friendly measures in all its activities, two automotive giants, General Motors (GM) and Honda, have joined hands to promote environment-friendly vehicles.


According to a report by Sydney Morning Herald, the representatives of both companies announced in a joint statement today that they would try to introduce measures that would make environment-friendly vehicles affordable for everyone. At present, such vehicles are very costly, hence discouraging drivers to get their hands on them.


However, the partnership between the two companies can certainly expedite the world’s intentions of plying green vehicles every where. Both these companies aim to have cost-effective power-making fuel cells and hydrogen tanks ready by the year 2020. GM Chief Executive Officer Dan Akerson said in the statement:


“We are convinced this is the best way to develop this important technology.”


The main aim behind introducing green cars is to avoid emission of those gasses from vehicles that are dangerous for environment and cause climate warming. Many other automotive companies have been working on releasing such vehicles that could serve the environment. This has also led to shedding limelight on hybrid cars that are considered somewhat eco-friendly and use electric motors to operate. Honda President Takanobu Ito said in the statement:


“Among all zero CO2 emission technologies, fuel-cell electric vehicles have a definitive advantage with range and refueling time that is as good as conventional gasoline cars.”


Currently there is a very limited number of hydrogen fuel stations present in the world. Both GM and Honda wish to change this trend and expand the scope of such fuel stations. If successful, GM and Honda would create vehicles that are cheaper than hybrid cars. This seems to be a step in the positive direction from these automotive giants, but it is too soon to get hopes high as introduction of eco-friendly vehicles is not easy at all. Apart from the heavy cost this project is expected to take, there is a strong need for introducing massive public awareness, prompting the common man to think of the environment and take step to preserve it.


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